SOKRATES - Program of the EU

Tourism in View of Enterprising and Ecological Aspects

We thank Comenius 1 for the financial support within the bounds of the educational program SOCRATES of the European Commission.

The editorial staff of the project takes full responsibility for the content. The opinion of the European Commission is not reproduced, in no way.

In 1995 the European Union has created the Action Program SOCRATES for the educational sector to enable schools to work together on selected projects across the borders.
Carrying out these projects, teachers are mediators and multiplicators contacting twi schools from other European countries via SOCRATES - part of this program is Comenius 1 (school twinning ).
Our common school project with twin schools in Finland (Imatra) and Sweden (Arjäng) is called “ Tourism in View of Enterprising and Ecological Aspects ”. 
Each school surveyed waters to this topic in its hometown areas, our pupils in the “Goitzsche”.
The different teams intensivly dealt with the history of the “Goitzsche”,  historically - created stationaries, territorial violation by coal - mining in the area of Bitterfeld, the eco - system “soil“, the condition of the soil, the waters`survey, the flooding of the “Goitzsche”, the newly - developed sights or tourist attractions, the state of the development of the public transportation, options for sports and recreation, suggestions for the organization and realization of excursions and trips.
So, a travel guide in German, English, French and Russian came into being to help our students to explain the sights of our recreational centre “Goitzsche” to foreign guests. 

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Alteration and Flooding of former mining areas
Survey of soil in the Goitzsche
Coal mining in the Goitzsche/ The geology of the Goitzsche
Tourism and economical tourism in the Goitzsche
Gentle Tourism in the Goitzsche area by the use of public transportation
Recovery - Tourism - Sport